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In the small village of Taray in the Andes, we are collaborating with an organization which safeguards the wisdom of the ancestors through different projects, such as the The Wiñaypaq intercultural School for local Peruvian children and the The Bahuaja Conservation Area in the Amazon that mainly focuses on reforestation. Since the local authorities of Taray have started building a new road to Cusco, through their land, the organization decided to see at as an opportunity instead of an unfortunate event.

Together with Wild Studies they want to develop a new community on former pasture land that will now be easily accessible. The aim is to create a fully sustainable neighborhood with the qualities of the ancient Andean hamlets, based on the ancestral knowledge of the Inca’s.

In February 2019 we plan a first field trip with our master students

in collaboration with

arch. Mauricio Déctor